Thursday, May 22, 2008

healing through the quantum field

Cells have protein receptors that sense and respond to specific environmental signals, some respond to physical signals and others recognize and respond to vibrational energy fields such as light, sound and radio frequencies, the antennas on these energy receptors vibrate like tuning forks, when an energy vibration in the environment resonates with a receptor's antenna it will alter the proteins charge causing it to change shape, (Tsong 1989, "Deciphering the language of cells", trends in biochemical sciences)
There are two types of electromagnetic effects on living matter: thermal effects and non-thermal effects.
Thermal effects induce an increase of entropic disorder in the target, until at adequate
frequencies and power levels, the effects of ionization develop. The non-thermal effects are not the
result of the transfer of erratic movement by means of an increase of kinetic energy, but rather, in line
with the theories of the coherence of condensed matter, they can transmit information that would
produce order in the bio-structures involved. The information content of the electromagnetic waves
would depend strictly and specifically on the waveform, the string of waves, and the time sequence of
their modulation. In fact, specific variations in the configuration and temporal exposure patterns of
extremely weak electromagnetic fields can produce highly specific biological responses, similar to
pharmaceutical products (8, 9). These effects are attracting considerable scientific interest mainly
because an electromagnetic wave is easily modulated and thus is an excellent means for the
transmission of information. (10) Studies carried out by various writers suggest the possibility of non thermal effects; they include Gorgun , Frohlich, and Tsong

Based on these studies, it is reasonable to consider patterns in living matter that take into account the electromagnetic components of biological structures. Every cell, for instance, is made up of biological and chemical components that can be described in simpler and simpler terms down to the cells elementary molecular constituents. But the cell itself and its internal and external interactions can also be considered in terms of electric and electromagnetic interactions and relationships. Numerous experimental works have shown the possibility of modifying and controlling the selective permeability of the cell membrane by transmitting electromagnetic waves. 

This leads to the possibility of verifying the specific reactions of healthy cells compared to the reactions of pathological cells and subsequently to select target cells on which to act for clinical purposes. Pathological cells resonate differently from healthy cells due to a different tissue composition. On these bases, various authors have noted the modulation of some cell functions, from ionic membrane pumps to many cytoplasmic enzyme reactions, including those connected with cell replication. From these studies it has been seen that these effects can be obtained from low intensity electromagnetic waves (under 1 watt) and specific frequencies (within the range of 1 Hz to 50MHz). Along this line, preliminary observations performed in vitro have shown alterations of the cell morphology, the halt to proliferation, fusion, and necrosis in lymphoblastoid cell lines and some neoplastic lines subjected to specifically modulated electromagnetic radiation. (

Dr. Daniel Benor, a physician in Britain who runs the Doctor-Healer Network in the UK, has completed interesting meta-analyses of studies on healers. He reviewed the world literature on scientific studies of healers, and found more than 150 controlled experiments examining the effects of healers on different biological and physical systems under laboratory conditions. Half of these studies showed statistically significant results where the viability or well-being of an organism or distinct changes in a biological system were recorded following "therapeutic touch".
The experiments showed effects on water, on crystallization of ice, on enzyme activities, on bacterial, fungal, and yeast growth, on plant growth, on bacterial motility, on skin-wound healing with mice, and many more examples. Documented evidence for healing effects in humans also cover a wide range of conditions including changes in blood cell count and hemoglobin levels, acceleration of skin-wound healing, hypertension and blood pressure, asthma and bronchitis, nearsightedness, epilepsy, leukemia, tension headache, post-operative pain, neck and back pain, anxiety, personal relationships . . . the list of studied conditions is long and includes many cases with significant results under well-controlled circumstances. The report reflects studies done all over the world, in different cultures, involving many different belief systems about healing. Healing is clearly an empirical phenomenon with a wealth of documented supporting evidence.