Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tarot Tips: Five of Wands

effort is never wasted when applied to your dream
When trying to create something, regardless of what it is, there will come a time when you face material reality, that is the world at large. In this world few care about your dreams and goals and these might just be the people you need to deal with.

There are rules, financial requirements and other people all quite happy to stand in your way alongside nature and the universal law of being. That is the law that says your needs, desires and indeed life, have no more value than the next guy. It also proves time and time again, that life is what YOU make it. We all start out life's journey with a dream, you may not even be aware what yours is, but you have one. It can be subtle as in living a simple life, it can be visionary as in seeing the lifestyle you will live, and it can be complex as in wanting to make a difference in the world. The numbers of people who don't understand their own vision for life is quite staggering, but for success and happiness on the level you require it, understanding is imperative.

This five suggests you have stepped off the path that takes you to your vision while reminding you of that vision. It asks a fundamental question, what were you expecting? What are your hopes? Are your life choices taking you there? Sometimes this card is a gentle reminder that achieving your dream requires both protecting it and continuing the work to get you there. It is no accident that a complex dream requires flexible input, just as going large in your desires will require massive effort.

If you are not happy, look closely at which part of the dream is not being met, and then ask yourself what you can do, who you need to be and, not or, what sacrifice you are prepared to make. Those working toward their dreams have hard times,  go bankrupt and often lose relationships, but they never question their direction for long. This doesn't mean they don't check in to make sure the path they are on reflects the life they wish to live, and on that note let me explain 'being who you need to be'. I have used this term before and received criticism by those who say you are who you need to be. I am happy to challenge that by saying, you are not being who you need to be, if you are unhappy.

Your dream reflects something in you that is seeking expression, and therefore it reflects something in you that is you. Sometimes living the dream requires you to be more than the person you were taught to be and most times it requires you to meet your potential and learn to be the person you love being. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Animal Energy Therapy Training V.E.T

Working with animals is really quite different than working with humans, it is not necessarily simpler as you will find yourself dealing with the owner, their expectations of both you and their pet’s recovery or performance. After many years of working with everything from birds to cattle I would need to say that the energy you pass on may not be different to what you use on a human, but the way you use it, and your ability to engage the animal become a priority. Owners expect and deserve explanations. To this end it is important in a modern world to know what you are doing, talking about and offering.

The most demanding area I work in was racing stables, performance is the priority reason for being called in, but the welfare of the animal is always being seen to. These people are professionals and require you to be just as professional. You need to make sense and as such you need to be able to read the animal’s energetic information which accesses memory. This will usually come through imagery and directly reading the aura. Anyone can offer energy to their pets, anyone can offer energy to other people’s pets, but professional energy therapists are more in demand in competitive areas of sport animals as well as farmers seeking to minimize vetting of herds.

To that end this is a course for professionals or serious amateurs it is not necessary to be attuned to any single frequency modality as vibrational expansions are included as part of the training program. The program is one on one, each session is 2 hours in person via skype or other media. (hangouts included) Includes module materials that are animal referencing as well as aura reading modules using VET aura reading techniques. This material is part of the first module. 

Module 1: 
Energy Expansion
Energy Perception
Energy Information

Module 2:
Energy Memory
Energy expansion

Module 3:
Energy Anatomy
DNA and the future
Energy expansion

Module 4:
Energy Diagnosis
Healing options
Owner advisory

This is a certificated course attracting an achievement in V.E.T. Animal Therapies

As a distance education program you can complete the modules in your own time, each module has an assignment to be completed before moving on to the next module. Approx. 12 hours 

Price: $600 full course including documents, sessions and ongoing support 

 Being able to read and report on an animals strengths and weaknesses is in high demand, bonding energy for owner and pet, special requirements in training and compatibility are always in demand. 

Even choosing the right animal can be ensured by reading the animal as well as the owner to be, we all know a good match creates a great team, whether it is a cat, dog, horse and yes even a goat. 

Understanding the implications of past energy carried as well as how energy will progress will leave you able to determine how issues will progress or even if they will. Determining behavioural tendencies can bring forward a complementary training style which could potentially save the life of an ornery pet.  Hands on work done correctly can completely alter behaviour, while informing the owner can give them options they may not have thought of, or bring an awareness of body problems that are not apparent. 

case studies: 

Rottweiler Aggressive.  Aura Reading found him to be protective of his family and that they owners themselves were a little scared of him,Giving him energy therapy in 30 minute blocks calmed him immediately, Encouraging his owners to learn how to master him saved him from being put down for aggressive behaviours that had him reported regularly. Brutus (yep i know) had 3 sessions with me in 3 weeks, making him very placid during the time it took his owners to sort out a program of doggie ownership.

Race horse, tired not running.  without going to the horse his trainer rang and asked if I felt there was something they were missing as he had thought this was going to be a good runner. I determined that the horse was eating purple flowers that were causing him to have a mild but consistently upset stomach. He went over the property and found a hole in the fence between the trees, on the other side a small paddock (not theirs) full of penny royal. Fence fixed problem solved.

Race Horse pre training throwing tantrums. There was a complex array of energy bursts from the horse forehead, I felt he was having a horse equivalent of migraines and that there was a small tumour behind his eye, giving the horse energy therapy, but felt the problem was not going to resolve. Advised a stop to training as he would live a longer and happier life without the stress of training. The trainer was happy but the owner said no. the horse died 11 months later of a hemorrhage in the brain.i 

Calf weakening to the point of not being able to stand no one knew why. gave energy for around 30 minutes and felt he had a constricted throat and couldn't eat. stepped back to the fence line and continued therapy for another 20 mins, at which point he got up and started to eat, he gagged a few times but persisted, we took him to water, where I energized the trough (would last til it refilled), farmer reported the next day it was as if he had never had a problem. 

dairy herd plagued by eczema, worked the whole herd as they went through the milking sheds. encouraged farmer to remove all copper additives to water troughs and invest in mineral licks. problem resolved itself but even better the following year, the farmer got me in at the beginning of the season to be sure when eczema was plaguing the area again. no further issues even though neighbouring farms had major problems.

Cattle dog, old and nearly unable to enjoy last days. Farmer called me in just to be sure, Gave snag (yep snag) energy for 20 mins, next day farmer reports the animal he was considering putting down running with the other dogs, not round cattle but feeling like part of the crew, while at other times over the next week he noted snag was 'pretending to herd cattle' in empty paddocks, i went back once a month for the next 12 months, then the farmer undertook to become a Vibrational Expansion Technique Practitioner. this was decided when seeing a bull freaked out at polling, went up and gave energy, the bull calmed right down and didn't move until they released him all the while i just had my hand on his neck. 

I could go on, but if you have an interest in the training program feel free to get in touch and ask about how you can add this to your skills or start out as an animal therapist advocate.