Saturday, November 26, 2016

Do It Yourself Colour Therapy

Pop down to your local cheap shop or indeed any shop that sells coloured bottles. build up a range so you have almost any number of colours, the more the better. It does help if they have lids or corks as you are going to fill your bottle with water after first ascertaining your primary need. Tap or filtered water is just fine, I don’t really recommend pre-bottled water unless there is something wrong with your water supply, it has often been in the bottle for as long as 2 years. dead dead dead, if you don't have a choice, pour the water into a jug, then back into the bottle a few times to try and infuse some oxygen. 

Close your eyes, take a nice deep breath or five and ask yourself what colour do you need to balance out your body, mind or emotions right now. Similarly, you can ask what colour will help or enhance what you are trying to do or be at the moment, or over the next few days or weeks. 

Here are a few examples:

  • What colour will increase my confidence right now
  • What colour will help me feel better
  • What colour will help me heal from…. (be specific as to what you want to heal from)
  • What colour do i need to enhance….
  • What colour will lift my spirits
  • What colour do i need to get past...
  • What colour will help me achieve a more relaxed state of mind
  • What colour will help me meditate
  • What colour will help me concentrate
  • What colour will help me communicate more directly/efficiently or honestly. it may not be the same colour for all three.
 You get the picture. It isn’t wise to ask for a colour to ‘get that job’, but you can most certainly enhance your energetic attractiveness, to improve your chances over the next round of interviews. You can even specify a  suitable job in your question, I.E, the best match or fit. Even online or mail applications carry energy, due to this quality some stand out and others don’t. It would be rare that only one person has the right qualifications for a job, so what colour will make you stand out, seem professional, or be a match for the best job you are capable of achieving?

In romance, what colour brings out the best in you? That is a much better use of the therapy than what colour will get me a boyfriend/girlfriend. It will work better if you focus on what you want to present or put out there, as you can’t change others or the course of the world for that matter. I know I know, it is popular to believe that you can shift 7 billion or even 1 person out of the way  so you can get what you want, because for some obscure reason the angels, masters or the universe think you are more important…… The thing to understand is the energetic change you can create for yourself here, which alters how others perceive you, the absolute best you can go for, is the best version of you. Ask for that, it works every time.

A colour will come to mind almost instantly, if you have to think about it, you missed the pure moment. It is common when self-diagnosing to dismiss the first instinct in favour of a second more practiced version, it is truly a bad habit and worth overcoming. If your mind offers yellow then immediately green and your thought is 'ahh my fave colour', go for the yellow.  If yellow is your fave and first thought, maybe you need it, consistency is important rather than playing favourites with your thoughts and reinforcing the very thing you are trying to change

To make Colour Elixir:

Select the nearest colour bottle you have to the colour that comes to mind and fill it with water, stand it in the sun (inside by a window is just fine) with the lid off. The sun solarizes, but it also purifies; any chlorine dissipates which helps to give you a softer water. You may even notice that the different coloured bottles offer slightly (very slightly) different flavours, even the word flavour is too strong for the subtle differences in taste. 

 Leave your bottle in full sun, usually 30 minutes is long enough, on an overcast day an hour is best but leaving it there all day isn't a problem if you are at work. Drink this water over the day, or next few days or even weeks depending on what you are trying to achieve. This means using the same colour bottle, refilling and solarizing, if you manage to have two bottles of the same colour, you can solarize one while drinking the other.

Fill your water bottle with it when you go to work or travel, so you can sip it throughout the day, you can keep this water in the fridge or not, the intention is to drink it not store it.  Clearly you won’t be wanting to drink from different colours or any colour all the time, but it isn’t unusual to need a sustained dosing to help come past anxiety, depression or difficult periods in relationship. As things change or as your priorities change, you can revisit this process as often as you like, you can target character flaws, undeveloped areas as well as psychological dilemmas.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Self Hypnosis: A guide for Starters

 First you need to be absolutely clear about what you want to achieve, this is the first step to good outcomes once you have mastered a few simple techniques. If you want a ‘zen’ experience you are talking more of meditation where outcomes are not the priority, the experience you have is. As all hypnosis is self-oriented, you can’t hypnotize to have lots of money, or meet a soulmate, it needs to be something real to you like being more confident, solving a problem, learning more efficiently, releasing pain or communicating better etc.

Focus techniques for starters are easier if you focus outside of yourself, get a candle in a jar (for safety reasons), light it and hold it in your hands, take your time just looking at the flame for a few minutes then set it down in front of you. Allow any and all thoughts that want to come, to enter your mind as you look at the flame, with each complete thought (I have to cook dinner, something that happened in your day, the sounds around you) take a deep breath and sigh it out, like those big boredom sighs lol. As you begin to relax your eyes may want to close, but keep looking at the flame a little longer, when the main thoughts have dwindled away and all you see is the candle, and all you want is to close your eyes, remember what your goal is and simply close your eyes, take some nice relaxing breaths, and let go.

Body Focus Technique: this is something most of us did at school and works incredibly well. Get comfy, (always know why you are doing the self-hypnosis buzz) close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the nose then focus on your toes, stretch your toes, count to 10 then release them, move your focus to your feet, point your toes to stretch your feet downward from the ankle, count to 10 then release. Every time you release there is a little rush of energy as the muscles relax, quite delish actually.

Move up to the calves tensing however you know how, count to 10, then pull up the knee caps, remember how to do that? count to 10, tense the thighs, count of 10. Keep doing this all the way up your body, squeeze your buttocks together count of 10, push your belly out, for the chest pull the scapula bones together in your back opening up the chest area. Pull the shoulders up to your ears, count to 10, clench your fists so thumbs are up making sure you can feel the tension all the way to your biceps by locking your elbows. Stretch your jaw wide open count to 10, this is all best done while you are alone or someone may consign you to the psycho ward, then squeeze your eyes shut as tight as you can then finally lift your eyebrows. last count of 10. If you aren’t relaxed now, you really, really need to practice this, also a great method to release pain areas in the body, aid in sleep, and general anxiety. Once completed remind yourself of what you are trying to achieve and do a slow backward count from 10.

If you want to learn something, using either of the above techniques when you get to the point of relaxation, you can introduce a black or white board, a classroom or a library, any place you feel you can learn and process. If you want to change a mindset, i.e. anxiety to confidence, remember a few things you did really well, that you felt pleased with, and imagine doing that will in other areas. The choices are endless, once relaxed enough with a few clues your mind will (gratefully) take over and help you out.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Weight Loss: Inner dialogue and your body

 Not everyone appreciates the total weight loss achieved over years of dieting, For those that have tried dieting a number of times it is too easy to think of yourself as a failure rather than thinking of yourself as a successful dieter. If you lose any weight, on any diet, you are a successful dieter. Has it occurred to you that serial dieting is an indication that you KNOW you can lose weight? What's more, if you diet on and off over a period of time you also know you can do so repeatedly, quitting a diet is your way of taking back control in a situation even if it is misguided. I say misguided because starting the diet in the first place indicates you want to be something other than what you are,

The problem isn't the return to previous weight (or more), as this is only an indication of being released from a regime, or having met your goal and not having a new goal to aim for. There really is only one question, can your body survive what you do to it? Maybe you need to understand that a person who is over size, but maintaining a stable weight, lives longer than those persons who serial diet, It may be worth looking at a way to have your cake and eat it too.

Start with food focus, the absolute focus on food ensures you will overeat, wouldn't it be lovely to just forget about it and live a normal life, dealing with food in a way that makes you feel good about yourself. Let's look at where placing your attention does more harm than good.

Over emphasis on what type of food you are going to eat:

Wanting chippies and denying yourself them is a form of punishment, it is never going to work. It draws your mind to what you can't have, and keeps it there until you are almost obsessed if not completely obsessed with the foods you are trying to avoid. The chances this is in line with how you feel or have felt about other things, wanting what you can't have or are denied, whether by parents, financial constraints or that crush that didn't want to know you in high school. Learning not to care about what you can't have will help you focus on what you really want.  You will recognize some of these in other areas of your life, when you do, take the time to look at the fundamental thought, rather than the symptoms which represent the pattern of thinking, using blockers and switches works really well, it isn't immediate so persistence in using a simple tool will pay off big time.

Inner Dialogue:

Let's face it, we have all heard the inner dialogue spiel, but it was popularized based on genuine research, How we communicate with others is an indication to them of our character, how we communicate to ourselves is an indication of our attitude. This can be how we feel about ourselves (insults) and what we were taught. Poor teaching can lead to bad habits. Here are a few common (food) phrases that need to be monitored at least, stopped completely at best.

I'm starving: No you're not, you are hungry, you may have not eaten for a while but you are NOT starving, if you were, weight wouldn't be an issue. For many it is likely this comes from being told not to waste food as a kid, because there are starving kids in the world. The teaching is to eat everything whether you are hungry or not, the justification is starving, even if that means others it is justification nevertheless. It is the energy of exaggeration which can apply to anything and probably does apply to more than food if you use it.

The switch: I am hungry, (yep that is it), How you use it.Your inner dialogue goes something like this,

" I'm STARVING."   "That's not true, I am only HUNGRY it's time for lunch." 

I just have to have it: No you don't, you want it, there is a big difference. As soon as you tell yourself you have to have something, it is believed, Setting up cravings, and a body held desire because you have conditioned your body to believe nothing else. A few years ago it was discovered that body cells understand language, this means it doesn't have to be 'processed' via the ears, eyes and brain per se. Every word you utter has an energetic attachment in how it is said and what it means to you completely, which explains the instant body response to certain phrases and emotions conveyed before a word is uttered. Have to is the dialogue of the addict, it justifies having something you know is damaging to your body, your wallet, or your life in general.

The Blocker:  Wait, honestly, stop, no in any sentence that negates the original dialogue. Use often, repeat every time, and before long you will notice a shift in how you think as the dialogue gives way to more appropriate suggestions.

" I just have to have it. WAIT, I am not doing that any more, HONESTLY I just want it.

These are two examples that can be placed in any type of exaggerated inner dialogue, when used often you will notice a change, that change is permanent, while you may still occasionally slip into the habit you will recognize it immediately so that over time it becomes a rare occurrence.

Taking the focus off the food itself and bringing it back to the core issues related to the food, makes it a fairly natural process to reduce intake without even appearing to try. These are long term changes rather than short term fixes. You can get a running start by looking at hypnotherapy for weight loss, with the charm of modern styles making it a cheap and easy thing to do, Here are a few links to my online Hypnotherapy Downloads, available from google play and downloadable to any device (yes apple has a google play app)