Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Self Hypnosis: A guide for Starters

 First you need to be absolutely clear about what you want to achieve, this is the first step to good outcomes once you have mastered a few simple techniques. If you want a ‘zen’ experience you are talking more of meditation where outcomes are not the priority, the experience you have is. As all hypnosis is self-oriented, you can’t hypnotize to have lots of money, or meet a soulmate, it needs to be something real to you like being more confident, solving a problem, learning more efficiently, releasing pain or communicating better etc.

Focus techniques for starters are easier if you focus outside of yourself, get a candle in a jar (for safety reasons), light it and hold it in your hands, take your time just looking at the flame for a few minutes then set it down in front of you. Allow any and all thoughts that want to come, to enter your mind as you look at the flame, with each complete thought (I have to cook dinner, something that happened in your day, the sounds around you) take a deep breath and sigh it out, like those big boredom sighs lol. As you begin to relax your eyes may want to close, but keep looking at the flame a little longer, when the main thoughts have dwindled away and all you see is the candle, and all you want is to close your eyes, remember what your goal is and simply close your eyes, take some nice relaxing breaths, and let go.

Body Focus Technique: this is something most of us did at school and works incredibly well. Get comfy, (always know why you are doing the self-hypnosis buzz) close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the nose then focus on your toes, stretch your toes, count to 10 then release them, move your focus to your feet, point your toes to stretch your feet downward from the ankle, count to 10 then release. Every time you release there is a little rush of energy as the muscles relax, quite delish actually.

Move up to the calves tensing however you know how, count to 10, then pull up the knee caps, remember how to do that? count to 10, tense the thighs, count of 10. Keep doing this all the way up your body, squeeze your buttocks together count of 10, push your belly out, for the chest pull the scapula bones together in your back opening up the chest area. Pull the shoulders up to your ears, count to 10, clench your fists so thumbs are up making sure you can feel the tension all the way to your biceps by locking your elbows. Stretch your jaw wide open count to 10, this is all best done while you are alone or someone may consign you to the psycho ward, then squeeze your eyes shut as tight as you can then finally lift your eyebrows. last count of 10. If you aren’t relaxed now, you really, really need to practice this, also a great method to release pain areas in the body, aid in sleep, and general anxiety. Once completed remind yourself of what you are trying to achieve and do a slow backward count from 10.

If you want to learn something, using either of the above techniques when you get to the point of relaxation, you can introduce a black or white board, a classroom or a library, any place you feel you can learn and process. If you want to change a mindset, i.e. anxiety to confidence, remember a few things you did really well, that you felt pleased with, and imagine doing that will in other areas. The choices are endless, once relaxed enough with a few clues your mind will (gratefully) take over and help you out.

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