Friday, April 5, 2013

Seeking the Divine

A whole lot of time and energy is expended seeking the Divine without a clear picture or understanding of what the Divine is. Much of the time we are chasing an idea presented by someone else, and just as often their perception is different to our own. 

So what is the Divine, in the dictionary you will find it is of or relating to God or a God. You will also find it relates to heavenly or excellent, and just to add to the mix the dictionary defines the verb as learning through intuition or magic.

As in all life, perception is more real than the actuality, so your perception of the divine will impact greatly on what it is you find. When seeking the divine be clear on your understanding of the word and your intention.

My perception of the Divine is really quite simple. Source. that is it, to me Divine =  Source, Source = Pure Energy , Quanta = Smallest, ie nothing is smaller. 

To have Divine inspiration means to me that you are creating from source the purest energy available to you. All energy evolves and is in constant motion without attachment, when it achieves a pattern you can be sure an intention has been applied and the pattern is the action of intention or the consequence of the intention, these become the atoms that make up physicality or the seeking patterns looking to be matched or enhanced.

Any attempt to find the Divine that is beyond source may lead to disappointment, or knowledge without experiential delights. I say delights because that is how it feels to experience the Divine, it is delightful. To experience the Divine you need to be going inward to your own creation, understand your own intention, and agree to allow yourself to be fully engaged with the energy of source. That is Source of Creation.

and to live in the Divine you need to allow that flow of pure energy to enliven and yes evolve you. Not control your evolution but to learn to live with and enjoy the changes bought by an open access policy, why do we age? Because we limit the energy that is available to us, either due to belief or fear. 

It is often said there is a limitless supply of energy at the quantum level. This has pretty much been proven to be true and in more recent times the enormity of this truth has been bought forward for the public. 

" It is currently acknowledged that if all the subatomic particles were to be added up they would produce and inexhaustible supply of energy of unfathomable proportions, exceeding all energy in matter by a facto of 10 to the power of40, or 1 followed by 40 zeros. "M Cade & N. Coxhead, The Awakened Mind, 2nd ed(shaftsbury,UK:Element,1986Richard Feyman  once remarked that the energy  in a cubic metre of space was enough to boil all the oceans of the world.

When seeking the Divine go within, find the source of energy and the information that comes with it, it is information and the ability to communicate that information, from molecule to molecule, cell to cell, being to being, that determines our environment internal and external. the external is simply a reflection of what lies within, discovery and understanding alters the way we manifest on the planet. If you do not like your world, your life, your self, seek the Divine in your self, and your life, your world will all evolve bringing forward the purest of energy and your manifestations will be Divine which in truth is simply that your world will become an extension of your self. there is true joy in creation at this level and there is nothing more inspiring than to know that the path you walk, takes you firmly into your own divinity.

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