Friday, February 7, 2014

Hidden stress is a killer

In today's world we have acceptable stresses that after a time feel like your normal state, they become indistinguishable from your personality causing problems in relationships, health and even motivation. There is a level of stress that maintains itself if a person cannot come back completely from it, on of the main benefits of any meditation regardless of the content is this level of relaxation. Any person feels energized and it is thought the very act of meditating offers the body a regenerative value equal to sleep, that is to say 30 minutes of relaxing effectively has the benefits of an hour or more sleep. While consciously achieving a goal or working out stresses in the body and mind there is the added value of having better quality sleep during the night.  Winston Churchill had this down pat with what was called at the time, power napping. He would nod off for 20 minutes or so and wake to have a calm and clear mind.

There are many symptoms of stress most noticeable and damaging to the body, is the relationship between the adrenals and the heart, Heart stress can be seen as palpitations, tightening in the chest, high blood pressure in otherwise healthy people, heart burn and more. When the adrenals are fired up a person will feel restless, impatient and easy to anger, over a long period this is often identified as anxiety and can seriously impact an individuals ability to have good relationships and enjoy life. The very act of relaxing effectively has the potential to bring clarity of thought, a sense of the ever elusive peace and health to the body, while the benefits can be far ranging when a meditation is also assisting in a repetitive problem that adds to stresses like making decisions, confidence and sleep deprivation due to insomnia and more.

Chill Pill addresses stress itself rather than the cause of it, it really doesn't matter what a stress is, although it is worth finding a hypnosis or meditation to help with other issues, learning to relax properly after stressful days or even during them can greatly enhance performance in all areas of life. It takes longer to get upset about things and if you are one to make lots of little mistakes, feel irritable or tired a lot, Chill Pill will be of great use to you.

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