Friday, May 12, 2017

Body Talk: Complete Healing Therapy

Dorothy is a full time Energy Therapist with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Over time she has noticed that individuals with PTSD, ongoing traumatic lifestyles and chronic disorders including weight issues, failing relationships and addictions have greater success when the time and commitment of facilitators is ongoing for a time.

 Using a combination of Energy Techniques, Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Therapy anyone, yes this means you, can be in a position to be the best version of themself. Longer term programs do attract a greater expense, however she has also noticed that these individuals often spend large amounts of money to finance those addictions or to seek life healing from different practitioners ending up with a broken, rather than continuous stream of improvement.

 Sometimes unfortunately the healing itself becomes a recycling of those very same past traumas, all healing practices should lead to permanent improvements, even if these are not complete on their own, every step should take you closer to being happy within yourself, there should also be a sense of achievement rather than one of failure or disappointment. Whatever method you choose, no method should take longer than a year, if you get to the end of that time and feel you are still grieving, still addicted, still unhappy or living a traumatic lifestyle, it is time to change what you are doing and how you are doing it on the healing front.

 As an aside, it is fairly common for physical disorders to improve or disappear completely upon completion of a successful program, it is also fairly common for emotional issues to improve or disappear during body healing, this is why Body Talk is so important, not only can it offset potential problems but this program can greatly improve current or chronic body problems.

Dorothy has developed a number of programs over the years, using the hypnotherapy component to speed up and make results permanent and energy techniques for direct body and emotional healing, both of which lead to cognitive revelations. As a result of the clients experiences she noticed that the success of one program wasn't necessarily an overall success, each program often left a need for a different type of program, this occurred because programs like DNA Restructuring dealt with past teachings only, Self Actualization dealt with the past emotions and spiritual/personal development and the original Body Talk dealt with body issues. Even the 90-day Weighting Game dealt with the emotions and habits relating to diet. She became aware that her clients were progressively working through different programs, starting with what was closest to their issues and finishing with what was closest to who they wanted to be, this is about the most expensive way to go about bringing change and as such slows down progress for the client. There are times when a single hypnosis or a single program gets the job done, equally there are times when it simply doesn't.

360 Degree Flexi Program you choose the focus and direction you wish to take.

 She had noticed that often when a client sought smoking cessation they would mention other problems that 'just disappeared', things like improved body image, improved sleeping or improved relationships just to mention a few. It became clear that as a standard part of her hypnosis directives was an improved life due to the change of habit, it was also clear that this manifested in the area the client themselves wanted to improve. The combination of all this experience led to understanding that most people who have behaviours, habits or thought patterns that make it difficult to be who they want to be, (bearing in mind that anything you don't like about yourself or behaviours indicates you are not being who you want to be in some way) don't often have a single source or origin. There are a number of factors, what you were taught about yourself growing up, the experiences you have had in all of your life and the experiences you have created based on all those beliefs.

 This program is a catchall  starting with;

1. DNA Reprogramming to...
2. Self Actualization, Weight Loss Addiction Cessation or PTSD Release and then finishing with .*
3. Body Talk.

* This part of the program can be quite flexible, if relationships are a major issue then the program used will be Relationship Repair to create new satisfying relationships (this includes partnerships, family, friendships and children or any part that is important) Essentially during the free consultation which occurs before any program is selected, Dorothy helps you explore your prominent need. there may be phobias, destructive behaviours or specific areas that you wish to address here, Core Healing, Past Life, Origins and more are all programs that can be utilized or have an individually defined program.

There is a minimum of 15 1 1/2 hour weekly sessions but this is also driven by the success as you go, Dorothy will add sessions (AT NO EXTRA COST)  to ensure fantastic results, You will never need to revisit these areas of your life again, leaving you free to just get on with enjoying your life.

BTC bring a friend: Sign up with a friend and save, One on one individual sessions (you are not doing the sessions together)
BTC mini classes: Minimum of 2 maximum of 4 all sharing the session time, you need to allow that the sessions take two hours. This is a great option if you have a friend or two that are keen to get on top of their lives too with the added bonus of saving and having extra support during the program.

BTC (Body Talk Complete)

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