Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Learning Tarot: healing with the cards

It is an amazing gift being able to look objectively at your self, in essence this is part of the tarot potential that is rarely used. Too often they are used to validate (unfortunately open to interpretation) or negate a current belief. What if you could take your deck and turn it into a healing tool? Well you can and while you are at it, explore the full potential of your life in ways you cannot do when trying to work with issues in full blown belief mode.Our beliefs shape our interpretation of nearly everything, trying to heal yourself is like trying to edit your own writing, you see what you expect to see. Self healing of any sort requires brutal honesty and a preparedness for a few ouchies on the way, but the rewards are totally worth it. Using the tarot to find a point of healing doesn't rely on a situational question, in fact that would be detrimental to the process.

 The question to ask? What do I need to heal right now? Thats it, no situations, no directive emphasis. If you are feeling a need to heal anything at all, it will be in play and will affect your life, it is rare for something to only affect one area of your life as your issue will be felt across all aspects including the decisions you make. If you want to be happy and successful, you can only look to what you can do differently, what you can heal and what understandings or enlightenment you can attract to be able to do so. With any question of healing there will be what needs to be changed or recognized and sometimes admitted, that is the first question. The second question will deal with what you can do, to ensure the change or healing takes place, it will be relevant to your capabilities and the desired outcome even if you are not clear on how that will play out or what it is.

The fascinating thing about healing as I have seen it through the years is that it isn't often what a person believes they need for the situation, as an Hypnotherapist I have had many clients come to have sleep hypnosis only to find they gain success with anxiety hypnosis. With Energy Therapy many have come wanting to resolve pain in their bodies only to find they have resolved fear, or gained perspective on a past experience and voila, the pain in the body disappears. With Aura readings i have seen people without a sense of self value blossom before my eyes as confidence in who they are is restored after years of verbal or other abuse. In the area of psychology we have what is called the presenting issue, this is the thing a person thinks is wrong which is usually just a symptom of the underlying cause, or as I call it, the core issue.

The card draw: 1.What do I need to heal right now
                         2. What can I do or focus on to effect that healing
                         3: DO THAT

Following through can initiate a life changing period that doesn't last more than a few weeks with the results being felt for the rest of  your life, at least in that area or aspect of your persona. While there may be a number of issues for some, most of us have one underlying false belief that when shifted makes our world a better place. You can always go back at some time in the future and deal with the lesser stuff or other stuff depending on your perspective, but this is not a thing you need to do regularly or in an ongoing fashion, to try this weekly or even monthly is to show you have not taken the time to put the right amount of consistent effort to finish an unsatisfactory chapter in your life. It is not for others to heal you, it is not for a partnership to take your mind off who you are, but for  you to take the reins that lead you into wondrous places while attracting the good things in life. To see this use of the cards in action click into my online radio show Dorothy's Show i and you will see exactly how this can work for you. If you are learning tarot you might want to check out my book Learn Tarot Book available in Ebook and Paperback or check me out at Energy Therapies My web site.

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