Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Self Attunement

Seeking attunements to single frequencies can be a fairly costly as well as unsatisfying exercise. I have genuinely lost count of the number of reiki master/teachers who have come to train in V.E.T. seeking a practical learning environment as professionals seeking to carve out a career. While in the past all the emphasis was on attunements to reiki, seichim and many other modalities, in truth a person seeking an expanded experience can find themselves without the tools and training to use the energy they have newly employed and at times have not even been shown how to integrate these new frequencies while being offered the title of master and even teacher devaluing both titles. While attunements are a necessary part of any energy therapy program they are second to the teaching of how to use those energies effectively.

In itself aligning with new frequencies is not a skill but it does have benefits. If you are hoping to create a career as an energy therapist or become an amateur sharing energy with others, I would always suggest you train properly as you would in any endeavour that had the potential to affect others lives, it is the lack of training in those claiming to be professionals in their field that is of major concern in the esoteric industry, but. too much attention is paid to charging for an attunement when you can seek this out for yourself while also, for many, they find themselves in situations/moments that trigger an expansion.

If you are seeking to develop personally an expanded energy will help to heal certain emotions although you can't really choose which, it will give you the potential to become enlightened, finally understanding what may have been years of pain or trauma as you move past the patterns created. It has the potential to open your energy to non local information, visions, and feelings of euphoria while also making your essence available for scrutiny and enjoyment. Be advised this is not always a painless process if you need guidance get it.

For those seeking spiritual development all of the above can, and is likely, to still be part of the process though you can add to that enhanced connection with guides, people with the knowledge you require and improved clairvoyant abilities in any area you are attracted to, it cannot give you the necessary skills of counselling others, compassion or even understanding of how to help someone in a crisis. I mention this because in any training program these are elements that should be there as no one really needs to be taught intuitive abilities only the process of engaging it reliably, and using it conscientiously or in the case of energy therapies, diagnostic techniques and solution based therapies. I have heard some truly awful responses to questions that were genuine and indicated a very real issue in a caller or querants life.

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Self Attuning still needs a trigger for many and does have the advantage of removing the limitations of single frequency expansion as well as the limitation of belief or knowledge that can be exhibited by untrained teachers. Here we have an hypnosis that will allow you to seek expanding frequencies whether you have a reiki master, seichim or nothing behind you in experience. Any time you use it this expansion will naturally draw down those frequencies you need to either complete an experience (enlighten), enable a desire (connecting with guides, add psychic skills, heal aspects of yourself) or add to your repertoire as an energy therapist.