Sunday, May 10, 2015

Life Beyond Healing

Healing should be a short term investment in a happier future, yet many get so caught up in the ideal they buy (quite literally) into years if not a lifetime of heartache. I maintain that any program you choose to put grief, guilt, anger and fear behind you should be successfully completed in no more than a year, no matter what you are doing, if you are doing it two, three or ten years later, it is time to rethink your healing strategy. Sometimes the focus on self healing can be so intense and sustained that those who engage in it are not available to those around them, marriages break down, finding a great relationship gets further away, there can be a sense of isolation because the thought in ones mind may be healing, but the focus is always on self. Incorrectly applied your world can become all about you rather than all about living, and yes there is a difference, a very lonely difference.

Life Beyond Healing is not a program for those who are still mired in pain and twisted pasts, if this is you and you cannot see an end, then perhaps try one of the following, but if you have all but completed the process and wondering how to develop your way and your talents, skip past the healing programs.

DNA reprogramming is a short (daily) intense program for those who have had a rough start and simply do not know where all the stuff comes from. it can be great for those in denial and in particular where there are body issues present that reflect ones parents, or grandparents. We have been told by many eminent cellular biologists that there is no such thing as hereditary disorder, there is only hereditary behaviour, attitude and lifestyle. If you don't know what is wrong with you emotionally or where your behaviours come from, this program is directed toward a problem focus cellular memory from the moment you are conceived to now. It is a Trance Therapy of five sessions with an undirected result, while it is amazing for everyone there is an element of surprise and for many a short period of distress as things within you change.

DNA Restructuring Program

For those who are tired of the roundabout and want to resolve healing once and for all with an eye on living truly in the now, Self Actualization is a clear program with a past, present and a future aspect, It deals with the specifics of healing fear, anger, grief and guilt, then moves on to environmental awareness and a more holistic now. It has the awesome benefit of introducing synchronicity through a subtle play on the present and future influences, this is not a projection but an assuredness that any actions taken in the present reflect what you want for your future. Living in the now requires a sense of security which this program provides in spades and is a combination of Trance and Cognitive Therapy.

Self Actualization

And now back to the future. Manifestation is a very real challenge for many, either lacking motivation or flexibility to be creative in the approach to life. If there is a challenging childhood or painful background it is difficult to find yourself and project that into an innovative future, there is the 'what next' moment and, quite often, a feeling of being rudderless without patterns or addictions to guide you albeit into a brick wall. Life Beyond Healing is about your future and in no way deals with a mucky past, but using Trance and Cognitive Therapy based on you as a person you can discover what you have inside that is perfectly capable of creating the future you see for yourself. We never truly dream of something we can't create, in the instance you are not dreaming of a creation but someone else to create it for you, this program is not for you.If you have an ideal in your mind from, and including, career, lifestyle and relationships with family, friends and lovers, If you have a dream that has eluded you, this program targets what stops you, what you need to develop within yourself and recognition of as yet untapped ability. At any one time the only thing you think you can do is what you have been taught to do or what you teach yourself to do, therefore a new ability is always available to you. This program starts with a full aura and chakra reading and an explanation of who you are, energy therapy to correct anything that prevents your forward motion and Trance Therapy to move through and develop in every single area that is required to achieve your dream. This is a wonderfully inspiring program as many are not aware of the depth of a dream, or how easy it is to doubt your own magnificence. A combination of fortitude, confidence, dream accentuation and motivation is all that is needed to get where you are going quickly, Dorothy is uniquely placed to assist you in utilizing the manifestation techniques that are right for you.

Life Beyond Healing

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